Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how I can see Sahinur's original work ?

Sahinur Islam’s works have already been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world. Regularly he is doing an exhibition and showcasing his painting in different places. There are few galleries where you can have a glimpse of Ananta’s original work. Please subscribe to our Blog page to receive upcoming show details.

How can I buy Sahinur Islam's artwork for my personal collection?

Well, there are few art galleries around the world where Sahinur Islam’s work is being sold., Also anyone can buy his painting directly from the website. Please let us know your recruitment and we will provide you with all possible ways to collect his artwork for your personal collection.

Does he conduct any class or workshop?

He doesn’t conduct classes or workshop regularly. But if any organization, art gallery or any ardent group is interested to have Sahinur as their mentor in any short-term course then he will surely think about it.

When and where is Sahinur's next exhibition?

Keep visiting blog pages of the website. Here we will post all our upcoming activates and exhibitions. You can also follow him on Facebook.