Daily Life a Sculpture by Sahinur Islam

fiberglass sculpture
Artist: Sahinur Islam / Medium: Sculpture-Fiber Glass / Size – 33 x 46 x 33 cm

Daily Life: I was inspirited by a different way of life. One morning for the purpose of going to college, When I entered the station platform then I found some people they are all gathered in one place. I went a little further and saw a little girl playing the flexibility of her body or playing a circus with her mind. Just like the show. I saw and felt a little refreshing. Then for a little while, I stood there watching one glance… I realized that this is their religion, action, Through these earnings. I understand when I talk to the little young lady His journey started from early childhood.

Title: Daily Life
Title: Daily Life / Artist: Sahinur Islam / Medium: Sculpture – Fiber Glass / Size – 33 x 46 x 33 cm.

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